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How often does the data refresh?


What Browsers are supported?

Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge

Are Partnership Audiences available?

Yes, you can use the “Type” column to filter by the partners

How are Dstillery Partnership Audiences different from buying data from those partners directly?

For select partners, Dstillery applies our Custom AI modeling to our partner’s datasets to provide additional precision and scale. Unlike traditional lookalike modeling where off-the-shelf audiences are overlapped against a seed set, Dstillery’s Custom AI model scores and ranks every individual user on their similarity to the original dataset provided by the partner. This ensures the most accurate audience expansion to our partner’s unique data assets.

Why don’t I see my Audiences reflected in the table?

The Audience Taxonomy Explorer will reflect all our Audiences in our system to date. If you noticed that a segment was available within a DSP but not available within the Explorer table, it is possible that our system is rendering a recent update. We recommend waiting 24 hours to see if the change has processed.

How come the estimated size here doesn’t look the same as the estimated size in my DSP?

The number shown on the page reflects the count of devices we expect to be associated to a particular segment. With DSPs all having different identify match rates with Dstillery, along with different cadences for audience refreshing and TTL (time-to-live), it is expected to see audiences sizes vary across different platforms. These audience sizes are directionally correct and can be used for campaign planning and estimating potentially scale.

Does the selected audiences “Export” directly into the DSP?

The “Export” button will only export the selected audiences into a branded Dstillery excel file. This function is not integrated with DSPs

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