Audience Studio provides a comprehensive level of insights for all audiences (first and third party) that you utilize with Dstillery.

Ranging from behavioral (ie. DIYers, NBA fans), to geographic (ie. Home Depot visitors, Airport visitors), to content-consumption characteristics (ie. Diet & Weight Loss, Institutional Investing), get a complete understanding of your audience with Audience Studio.

Below is an overview of Audience Snapshot - just 1 of over 10 individual insights provided for all your audiences.

Audience Snapshot

Audience snapshot gives you a quick summary of your audience with an exploration into the Audience composition, Category insights, and Activation guide.

Audience composition

The Audience composition tab will highlight the top demographics and interests of a selected audience. Gender and Age splits are available in the Demographics section. The Top 5 indexing Behavioral audiences, Location audiences, and Websites are listed directly below the demographic info.

Category insights

Quickly glean insights at the category level for your selected audience. The initial view will display the top 6 categories. Each of the cards can be used to dive deeper into audience categories to learn more. This rollup at the category level makes it quicker than ever to strategize for activation.

Want to change the categories? You have the flexibility to adjust the category cards for a more tailored story.

Activation guide

Looking to jump straight to a recommendation of audiences you should be targeting right now? Look no further than the activation guide. Here you will be able to quickly access the top 9 segments recommended for targeting a chosen audience.

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