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How to Create and Place A Dstillery Pixel On Your Site
How to Create and Place A Dstillery Pixel On Your Site

A quick guide to get your pixels live for custom audience building and insights

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Placing the Dstillery pixel on your site gives you access to custom audience building and audience insights. It’s an easy way to understand who visits your site, what they are interested in and the best way to reach them.

Here is a step by step guide of how to create and place the Dstillery pixel on your site:

  1. First you will need to sign up for an Audience Studio account. Great news, it’s free! 

  2. After logging in, navigate to the Pixel creator screen by choosing the paintbrush icon in the left navigation bar to visit the ‘Create’ section of Audience Studio. Then under ‘Audience creator’ click through to the ‘Pixels’ screen. Both of these are highlighted in red in the example below: 

3. Creating a pixel requires three easy items. First, choose a name for the pixel, something that represents where you are placing it is best. Next, enter an audience code, which should help serve as unique way to identify this particular pixel. Third, choose from the menu of action types for the specific action this pixel will monitor. The options are site visits, conversions and ad views. 

4. Next, press Create!

5. You will be taken to a success screen that has your Dstillery pixel ready to go! There are two options of available. Add the pixel directly to your Google Tag Manager container or Insert Manually. 

6. The Dstillery pixel has been created, but we can’t start building an audience or providing insights until the code is added to your site! 

7. If you choose to Insert manually on your site, simply take the created code and add it directly to the header of your site. This ensures the pixel fires with every page visit from your users. The header is clearly marked by <head> and </head> in your site code.

8. After your pixel is placed, you will begin to see loads in the platform within 1-2 days. Once the pixel has reached 1,000 loads you will start to see insights building in Audience Studio.

9. For any QA issues please reach out to the Dstillery team through our integrated chat solution in the bottom corner of every Studio screen.

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