To gain access to Dstillery segments for targeting in TheTradeDesk Platform, you will need take the following steps:

1. Within an advertiser, open the Libraries Dropdown on the right side of the top navigation Bar. 

2. Select the Data Management Platform (DMP) option to open the audience section of the platform. 

3. Create or open a new audience to gain access to the data element section 

4. Add any of the Dstillery full path names from the Full Taxonomy Sheet into the platform search box. 

5.If multiple providers have data elements with the same name, locate the audience with the Dstillery logo. 

6. Alternatively, you can expand the list of data providers in the Third Party Audience section and select Dstillery. 

7. Drag any desired elements up into the audience. 

8. Target this audience within any Ad Group.

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