To gain access to Dstillery segments for targeting in the AppNexus Console, you will need take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the segment manager page by opening the Network dropdown at the top of the screen and navigating to Segments and then selecting Segment Manager. 

  2. Once in Segment Manager, Click on the Manage Data Providers button found on the top right of the screen. 

  3. This will open a window that shows all available Data Providers and ones that are currently enabled for your account. Scroll to the bottom of the available Data Providers and move Dstillery from the left column to the right column and hit Save.

  4. After completing Step #3 you will be able to see Dstillery segments in the Segment Manager list. You can search Dstillery here and it will pull a list of all of our available segments with pricing and size information. You may also now target these segment in the Segment Targeting section of your Campaign. 

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