Audience Studio makes it easy to create audiences, analyze audiences, and activate audiences through a variety of marketing channels. 

What can I do with Dstillery's Audience Studio 

If you have a website or an unique audience profile you are interested in, you can use the platform to:

  • Create new audience segments: Continually discover and experiment with new, valuable segments for smarter targeting and insights. 

  • See who your customers are and what they do: Uncover your customers unique interests and behaviors across thousands of dimensions.

  • Find and target highest value prospective customers: Advanced act-alike model building capabilities are available with one click of a button.  

  • Advertise effectively: Make your ad campaigns more productive by leveraging the latest machine-learning based media planning tools.

  • Enable your Sales Teams: Empower your internal teams with the tools and insights needed to increase advertising spending.

To see firsthand how awesome our audiences are, go to and view some basic audience insights for free. 

Who uses Audience Studio?

  • Sales teams who want to drive insights-driven conversations with advertisers to close deals.

  • Media agencies looking to build custom audiences for advertisers to drive highly effective advertising campaigns.

  • Insights and research professionals who want to extract data-driven insights about all types of audiences - big or small. 

  • Media companies who want to build, analyze, and activate audiences for their customers.  

What sets Audience Studio Platform Apart?

  • We have a massive, holistic and clean reference data set that analyzes over 300 million dynamic user profiles in the US, incorporating online and offline behaviors, cleaned of suspected false events, time-stamped, updated in real time, and crosswalked across PCs and mobile devices

  • Our data scientists have developed and applied the most advanced machine learning techniques to extract insights from our reference data set to solve marketers’ most difficult problems.

  • Our platform allows easy integration of first party data with our reference data, and for activation of virtually any of the insights derived from our applications.

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