Indexes are important calculations that are found throughout the insights pages of our platform. They help customers quickly understand the data points that are insightful and meaningful, compared to data points that just show an average behavior. 

A majority of the insights pages in the Dstillery Platforms gives customers the option to select between two index types. Throughout the platform, in the submenu bar, there is an OPTIONS button, which upon click reveals the following:

Let's dive deeper into the difference between the two index types. 

Performance Index 

The performance index is the default index selection throughout the platform. Let's say you are on the Audience Rank Page for Dstillery's Action Sports Audience (link) and notice that Hipster Clothing has a performance index of 76.06x. The calculation for that number is summarized like this:

By comparing the data against the US population, we are able to confidently say that the Action Sports Audience truly are interested in Hipster Clothing, and not just a function of the entire US population being interested in Hipster Clothing. 

We apply this calculation to each and every one of the thousands of interests and behaviors that are available on our platform. When ranked from highest to lowest indexing, a media-focused customer can generate a media plan with the optimal set of audiences predicted to drive high performing media campaigns. 

Attribute Index 

The attribute index is calculated very similarly but has a very nuanced difference that changes the final index number:

Instead of using our full view of the US population, we measure a well-characterized sample to ensure the signals we capture are representative of typical behavior.  When the attribute index is ranked from highest to lowest, a customer will be able to identify insights that can drive a wide variety of marketing decisions where accurate characteristic are important - such as finding co-partnerships opportunities with retail locations:

What’s next? 

  • Now that you know the difference between performance and attribute index, go ahead and download a pixel and put it on your website to explore how your site's audience indexes across thousands of interests. 

  • Learn the ins-and-outs of our platform by requesting a demo through the chat bubble on the bottom right. 

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